Argon Networks, Inc.


Argon provides social network features to consumers, brands, and companies alike.
Argon Networks, Inc.


Registration is currently by invitation only or through one of our partners. If you are interested to sign up contact us at


What is Argon?
Argon is a backend service which powers social media and network functionality for brands, small and large companies, as well as NGOs.
Where can I register for the Argon service?
You can register for Argon through any of our partner companies and brands. But there is no registration possible on the Argon website.
Why is my usual password not accepted when I register?
To protect your data as best as possible we require that you use a strong password. Passwords which are too weak will be rejected.
Why do I have to provide my mobile number or email address?
We collect your mobile number or email address to enable you to recover your password or other account information in case you forgot them. That's why we require in certain situations that the provided mobile number or email address must be verified before your account is activated or before the new information can be used.
Can I change my screen name?
Yes, you can change your screen name at any time. The new screen name must still be available.
Who owns my personal data?
All data associated with an Argon account and stored on the Argon server belongs to the user who owns this account. You can add, modify or delete any of your data. However, mandatory data (e.g. needed to operate Argon) can only be modified but not removed.
How can I delete my account and all data associated with it?
To remove your account, please contact our customer support via email.


Do you have a question or a problem?

Please contact customer support at